Hakuna Mat XXL Puzzle Mat – Forest

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  • EXTRA LARGE PLAY MAT consists of 9 foam squares 60x60cm - four times the size of conventional panels. 12 edges complete the set. Perfect for crawling, playing, home yoga, fitness or outdoor use.
  • CHILDREN'S PLAY CARPET + HOME DECOR - Play mat for your baby that complements your beautiful home. Elegant pastel colors ( white, gray, dark blue) give your home a touch of Scandinavian aesthetics.
  • +20% THICKER puzzle mat is made from high-quality EVA foam and is 1.2cm thick. Thanks to secure interlocking and large one-piece animal shapes, the panels fit tightly together and provide a comfortable cushion on hard and cold floors.
  • FREE OF POLLUTANTS - Play mat is formamide, BPA and phthalate free and complies with EU safety standards for toys.
  • RECYCLABLE PACKAGING CARDBOARD - is a more sustainable packaging alternative to traditional plastic film.

Product specification : Size: 1.8x1.8m; Thickness: 1.2cm; EVA foam sheets: 9 pieces; 1 plate: 60x60cm; # Edges: 12 pieces; Colors: White, Gray, Dark Blue.

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